A comprehensive codon analysis R package

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kodonz v0.1.1

A comprehensive codon analysis R package

How to install

First, you will need R package devtools. Run the following command in R, if you don’t have devtools on your computer.

install.packages('devtools') # You don't need this line if you already have it on you computer

A note to users in China: you will need a uncensored connection to successfully complete the command above. Either one of the following method can be used to install and load kozonz package:

  1. Download the zip file of kodonz package from GitHub, unzip it to your working directory on your computer, and run the following commands in R,
  2. For this method, you don’t need to download anything manually, just run the following two lines of code and you are all set,

Read the tutorial

The tutorial is located under the kodonz/docs/ folder.