This website hosts some of my packages and code samples for data analysis.

To learn more about my education and past experiences, check my LinkedIn profile. Here is a copy of my CV. Sorry, no easy downloads are provided in order to protect my privacy. In the past, my online accounts have been hacked multiple times by unknown people. I am just making their life a bit more difficult. Or should I say several bits? 😆

I have removed my CV for security reasons.

Many of my online accounts have been recently hacked. It appears that at least one of them lives in the same small town as I do. He could be an undergrad student here with everything considered. Through these unfortunate events, I discovered that nothing is secure online, especially that Chrome browser you might be using right now, which I suspect has been used by the hackers as a gateway to many of my accounts. I just couldn't believe how easy it is to hijack someone's computer after seeing how it is done. Let's just say there are some easily obtainable tools, developed and updated by some university labs for "research purposes" and used by hackers around the world. I don't think there is one sure way to protect all your online accounts but two-step validation certainly helps. It is not perfect since now they just need to hack your phone instead, which almost always does not have a firewall or antivirus installed. Anyway. Just be careful.

BTW, I am not a fan of spell checkers. If there are words spelled wrong here and there, that's because I write this website on a text editor which doesn't have a spell checker. Also, I am not planning on installing one because they could easily mess up your code. But I will correct them when I see them.

Some random facts about you. Yes, YOU.

Just a friendly reminder:

Each day, 80k acres of forests are disappearing ...

So think about that when you try to print something next time.
        - - -
        -        -  -     --    -
     -                 -         -  -
                    -                --
    -          -            -              -
    -            '-,        -               -
    -              'b      *
     -              '$    #-                --
    -    -           $:   #:               -
  --      -  --      *#  @):        -   - -
               -     :@,@):   ,-**:'   -
   -      -,         :@@*: --**'      -   -
            '#o-    -:(@'-@*"'  -
    -  -       'bq,--:,@@*'   ,*      -  -
               ,p$q8,:@)'  -p*'      -
        -     '  - '@@Pp@@*'    -  -
         -  - --    Y7'.'     -  -
                .::(@:.      -Sam Blumenstein-