# Journal name Style file Comment
1 Bird Conservation International Download Journal titles should appear in the abbreviated form. To achieve this, you need to import Journal title abbreviations seperately. The Zoological Records (ZR) file has the most consistent abbreviations of the terms needed, but occationally, it deviates from the abbreviations used by BCI. Especially, the abbreviation of the journal itself should be "Bird Conserv. Internatn." instead of "Bird Conserv. Int." as provided in the ZR file.

How to use abbreviated journal names

Follow the official instructions here.

Why no good Endnote output styles for this journal?

[My opinion] There is little econimic incentive for Endnote to support a comprehensive database for output styles. Every journal has a slightly different style, and most of the time, the style is not consistent within the journal itself. Plus, there are other bibliography softwares. In addition, Endnote licenses are primarily sold to educational institutions, which don't really care if good output styles are supported or not. The official Endnote output style database is alright, but not perfect. Most of the times, I have to tweak the settings to comply more closely with the standard style provided by the journal.

On the other hand, the proofreaders know exactly what the article style should be, but they have no incentive at all to produce those files and make them available online, which would substantially reduce the need for proofreaders!!

Other things

NONE of the Endnote output styles provided above are the official style files or exist in the Endnote output style database. There is no point in duplicating something that is already there and waste my precious space. If you are using my style file, the reference list will be inserted at the end of each section in your word document. If you don't have any section breaks, that will be the end of document. I highly recommend you to insert a section break between the main text and tables section. This way, you don't need to copy and paste your reference list every time you update your references. If you notice any discrepancies between my Endnote output styles and the official style, comment below.

Just a friendly reminder:

Each day, 80k acres of forests are disappearing ...

So think about that when you try to print something next time.
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    -    -           $:   #:               -
  --      -  --      *#  @):        -   - -
               -     :@,@):   ,-**:'   -
   -      -,         :@@*: --**'      -   -
            '#o-    -:(@'-@*"'  -
    -  -       'bq,--:,@@*'   ,*      -  -
               ,p$q8,:@)'  -p*'      -
        -     '  - '@@Pp@@*'    -  -
         -  - --    Y7'.'     -  -
                .::(@:.      -Sam Blumenstein-