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Step 1: Fill in the Qs

You just need to copy the App Script to your Google account. That script will generate a basic form, and from that form a linked response spreadsheet is created. Using app script to create a form is great only when you can utilize the power of 'ctl+c' and 'ctl+v' and the duplicate method available for each Q. For this reason, it is not advised to load questions from a predefined spreadsheet file because you need to completely specify all the Qs in the spreadsheet file instead.

Step 2: Appearance

Make appearance changes to the form just created. Although app script can do a lot of thing, it can not do all of them. Some of the functions are only available through the point-and-click interface. Make sure everything looks nice. Insert some ImageItems to make your form visually appealing.

You may also change the font and the color palette, and make sure everything goes well with each other visually, something you won't be able to see directly from the text interface.

Step 3: Link a spreadsheet

Open your form, and click Responses, toggle button, Select response destination, Create a new spreadsheet and Create.

Here responsive means that the questions repondants get depend on the choices they make previously. One more thing to know is that you do not have total control over the flow of the sections. Google Form does have some built-in invariances, which they will enforece on top of your specification. For example, the last section is always a page to submit the survey, no matter what you have specified in the script. Google Form will just override that option and make some re-ordering choices to retring your sections.

The next step is to send our your surveys through email.

Just a friendly reminder:

Each day, 80k acres of forests are disappearing ...

So think about that when you try to print something next time.
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